What is a Biosphere? Visit Noosa | What is a Biosphere?



What is a Biosphere?

We're all thinking it... What on earth is a biosphere reserve?! 🤷

Biosphere Reserves are internationally designated and protected areas that demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature. Noosa is one of only two in Queensland, along with the neighbouring Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve, the only two Biospheres that are adjoined.

The Noosa Community has a long and proud history of nurturing an environment that is rich in natural beauty, biodiversity in native animal and plant species, and cultural heritage.

Noosa's strong record of a community that works together to create harmony between people and nature, a commitment to low-rise development and protecting large tracts of land are some of the reasons for the Biosphere declaration.

It's how we bring people and nature together, that makes the perfect Biosphere Reserve. 🌿👫

Unwind, it's almost Biosphere time 🎣 (& we're so ready) 🙌  

The balanced way to get away. Enter the Noosa Biosphere Reserve! 🌿