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Land & Sea the hottest NEW Noosa Brewery

Our friends at The Urban Sunshine Coast recently paid a visit to Noosa's newest brewery, Land & Sea. Here’s what they discovered...

We came, we saw, and we left stunned. Land & Sea Brewery has been open less than a week but, like a well-oiled machine, this place is the perfect new addition to our beloved home, seamlessly fitting in as though it’s always been here.

This new venture is impressive to say the least and locals have flocked to the new hotspot like bees to a honey pot.

From the moment you step inside, the ultra-modern brewery cum bar cum restaurant you can tell everything has been done with the utmost care. Nothing has been rushed or careless crammed in at the last minute. The best places always have clear intent and a strong vision, and Land & Sea Brewery clearly has both.

Everything from the lighting fixtures, colour palate, seating, tables, cutlery and glassware has been curated seemingly after hours of thoughtful selection and consideration.

And it just works. It works wonders, in fact. The feel is industrial, yet still warm. Grey concrete abounds the main structure with its sky-high ceilings transporting you to a Brooklyn loft of sorts. The layout is simple and uncomplicated, and perfect for free-flowing entertainment and events.

Simple is key at Land & Sea. Nothing is overly fussed or complex, creating a vibe of instant relaxation putting even the most tense of us immediately into a more relaxed vibe upon entry. Large bi-fold doors create an open space allowing maximum lighting to flow through the venue.

Their menu is concise with foodie offerings that perfectly match their liquids, all of which you can order at the bar. We recommend the chips—which are cooked three times before being served with salt and malt vinegar. Mmmm.

At Land & Sea Brewery they are craftsmen who only source the finest local ingredients, and it’s obvious they love their region and have a fierce loyalty to it. Their signature drop is the flavourful craft Coastie Common and their take on the classic beer style. It’s a perfectly golden, easy drinking larger after a long hard/hot day at the beach.

At Land & Sea they like to say, “Welcome to paradise, enjoy our beer.” And we think this is a perfectly suited statement. After all, Noosa is paradise, isn’t it?


What: Land & Sea Brewery
Where: 19 Venture Drive, Noosaville

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