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Playing tourist in Noosa

Larissa Dening - 25-Jul-2016

Travel Blogger and Landscape Photographer Larissa Dening recently hosted three Canadian Instagrammers in Noosa, showing them some of the best of Noosa's nature. Here's a taste of their experience...

We were chauffeured up to Noosa and met at the Noosa National Park for a bit of a walk around. It was windy at Noosa which was creating huge waves on the beach. Normally Noosa is a quiet little calm bay. This was the first time I had ever seen waves here and the surfers were loving it!

Serenity Falls, Buderim

Then it was time for lunch back at Noosa Surf Club which started with 1kg of King Prawns which were absolutely delicious. We all hooked into some traditional pub grub after that which was so good.

We had free time in the afternoon so we jumped in a car and headed down to Serenity Falls at Buderim. If you park at the bottom entrance its about a 15-minute walk along a boardwalk through the forest that then ends up near the creek which you follow passed lots of little waterfalls before reaching Serenity Falls at the top.

Gorgeous reflections on Sunshine Beach, Noosa

After exploring the falls for a while we headed back towards Noosa and noticed the sky looking lovely at Sunshine beach so we stopped in there to watch the sunset which was stunning.

That night we had dinner at the newly refurbished View Restaurant at Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas which was our accommodation for the next two nights. This place is off the charts modern and luxurious and in such an awesome location. A 5-minute walk to Hastings street but set among the rainforest of Noosa National Park.

We started with cocktails from the new cocktail menu which were amazing and some delicious canapes before sitting down to some of the most amazing food ever. We all shared different tasting plates of things like Sake and Mirin Gooralie pork belly, Pepper crusted kangaroo, Gympie beef carpaccio and Hervey Bay scallops. We were fed like Kings and Queens.

Sunrise Noosa-style

The next morning we wandered down to the water for sunrise which was really a beautiful way to start the day.

Exploring the rainforest near the beach, Noosa

After a delicious buffet-style breakfast back at Peppers Noosa we were greeted by Steve from Surf and Sand Safaris and off we went on a beach 4WD adventure. Steve was full of information about the area and was such a lovely, chatty guy. Because of the massive storm and king tides the previous couple of days we were unable to drive along the beach that morning so Steve took us through the hinterland and along the Freshwater Track which runs through the rainforest before emerging onto the beach.

4WD driving window views, Teewah Beach, Noosa

Finally the tide had receded and we hit Teewah Beach and it was glorious. The weather had cleared and it was a fresh but beautiful day. We cruised up the beach until we reached Double Island Point.

After enjoying a walk and exploring this stunning area we jumped back in the car so that Steve could drive us up to the lighthouse. This was luxury as normally you have to walk up to the top. Only this tour company has driving access to the top.

After exploring the area surrounding the lighthouse, Steve drove us down, back along the beach and across the Leisha Track to the Rainbow Beach side. There is a gorgeous lagoon of water that is popular to swim in and a vast expanse of gorgeous sand that sits below the stunning coloured sands.

Erosion has exposed a palette of as many as 72 different coloured sands which have been produced by combinations of iron oxide and leached vegetable dyes. It is likely that the sands have been forming since the last ice age.

More poetically, an Aboriginal legend tells of a spirit which took the form of a rainbow. Entering into a fight over a young woman, the spirit fell onto the cliffs, infusing the sands with its polychromatic splendour.

After enjoying a delicious ham and salad roll and a muffin, Steve gave us a display of how pigmented the Coloured Sands were and how the Aborigines used to paint with them. Then we jumped back in the 4WD and drove back over to Teewah Beach to check out Red Canyon which is one of my favourite spots along the beach.

This place is crazy and is the closest thing that you will find to that big red rock in the middle of Australia – Uluru. This gorge which you can find along the middle of Teewah Beach is a canyon of pure red sand and is really fascinating to see. You can also climb right up the top onto the sand dune for magnificent views over Teewah Beach.

We had fun playing in the gorge and all came away with red staining on our feet and hands

One of the best sunsets! Laguna Bay, Noosa

Then it was time to head back to Noosa for an afternoon drink at the View Restaurant back at Peppers Noosa. After a bit of a relax we decidedto head down to Laguna Bay to watch the sunset and it was one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in a long time

It literally lasted for about 30 minutes and everyone was just standing around and watching the sky turn all shades of pink, purple, yellow and orange.

We then had one of the best dinners of the last four days at Locale Restaurant on Hastings Street. The Gympie free range, slow roasted pork belly was amazing. I highly recommend it. Scott said the sirloin was the best steak he has had while he has been in Australia!

Then we had a night cap back at View Restaurant and Bar before going to sleep and heading back to Brisbane the next day.

Air Canada flies Vancouver to Brisbane and Brisbane to Vancouver twice a week. Check the website for details here.
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