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Tourism Noosa Event Sponsorship: 2020-2021


Tourism Noosa takes an integrated destination management approach to marketing the Noosa region domestically and internationally and our activities are guided by the Tourism Strategy 2017-2022.

Tourism Noosa acknowledges that events can positively impact the regional economy and strengthen both the business and local community.

We are committed to building an iconic events calendar through targeted investment and adding new events to encourage off-peak visitation and enable geographic dispersal.

Applications close on 5 January 2020

Within that context, the aims and objectives of the Tourism Noosa Event Support Program are as follows:

  1. Generate local economic, environment and social value in the Noosa region;
  2. Be consistent with the strategic objectives reflected in Tourism Noosa’s Tourism Strategy Noosa 2017 – 2022
  3. Enhance the profile and appeal of the Noosa region in line with its strategic priorities.

Before completing your application please read the Event Guidelines & Funding Criteria (below).

Tourism Noosa will provide a Post Event Report and Sustainability Checklist on approval of the Event Funding Application, which will be required to be completed within 2 weeks post the event.

Please read both documents so you are familiar with these requirements prior to submitting your application. Tourism Noosa will provide a response on the application on or before 5 February 2020.

If you have any queries regarding the application process please contact



Any event or festival sponsored by Tourism Noosa must:

  1. Take place wholly within the Noosa region;
  2. Be consistent with the strategic objectives reflected in Tourism Noosa’s Tourism Strategy Noosa 2017 – 2022.
  3. Build value for tourism in the Noosa region, notably by the ability to show a capacity to generate national and international visitation, preferably in the traditionally low periods of February, June to August and early December;
  4. Have the potential to generate positive media coverage of Noosa outside south-east Queensland;
  5. Be committed to sourcing local suppliers and staff; and
  6. Align with the cultural and environmental aspirations of Noosa and its community.

While each of these objectives is important, Tourism Noosa appreciates that each event has unique characteristics and therefore the relative importance of these objectives will vary from event to event. The means for quantifying and measuring outcomes related to these objectives is crucial.


Events seeking support from Tourism Noosa must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants should be a member, or willing to become a member of Tourism Noosa;
  2. Applicants should clearly outline the sponsorship benefits available to Tourism Noosa, and be committed to supplying a Post Event Report (in the format required by Tourism Noosa) showing evidence of the sponsorship benefits provided to Tourism Noosa following the event;
  3. The value of support offered will be determined based on the likely tourism and economic benefit to the region. The event must present a strong opportunity for the Noosa region to achieve extensive recognition outside the region in which it is held in terms of visitation and / or media profile;
  4. All relevant supporting documents (i.e. budget & business plan) have been provided;
  5. The event must have all stakeholder approvals in place and evidence of their support for the event to which the application applies; and
  6. It is Tourism Noosa’s expectation that financial support used in marketing initiatives drive inter-state and international visitation which align to Tourism Noosa’s KPI’s and strategic priorities.


Particulars of the value of support offered will be issued to the applicant in writing. Approvals provide no guarantee of future or ongoing support; applications are managed within approved budget capacity and the event organiser will enter into a contract with Tourism Noosa which will include, but not limited to, stipulation of:

    1. How sponsorship funds are to be used as demonstrated in a Sponsorship Plan;
    2. Funds must be used only for the purpose for which they are granted. Any proposed variation of the use of Tourism Noosa funds must be approved by Tourism Noosa in writing in advance. Funds redirected without the approval of Tourism Noosa may result in funding being withdrawn;
    3. Signage / direct marketing / other acknowledgements of Tourism Noosa’s sponsorship of the event;
    4. Sponsorship funds must be expended within the time-frame allocated;
    5. Failure to comply with the proposed undertaking and contractual requirements will result in a request for a reimbursement of funds provided and will deem the applicant ineligible for future sponsorship; and
    6. An application must include a sustainability plan which addresses impact on the local environment. Plans must include both waste measurements and risk management.


Tourism Noosa will provide a Sustainability Checklist on approval of the Event Funding Application. Evidence of compliance with this Checklist together with a Post Event Report must be provided by the Event organiser to Tourism Noosa within 2 weeks of the final day of the event, to demonstrate how the Event has contributed to the aims and objectives of Tourism Noosa.

Please note: 40% of the event funding will be retained by Tourism Noosa until the completion of the event in accordance with the contract and Tourism Noosa has received to its satisfaction the Post Event Report, evidence of compliance with the Sustainability Checklist and all event signage has been returned to Tourism Noosa

Event Sponsorship Funding Application

Contact Details

(100 words or less)
If yes, please note the year and the $ amount funded and the funding usage in the most recent year of support (30 words or less)

Event Experience

Event Details

Please tell us what your event is about, if it is a new or existing event to the Noosa region and if existing the first year it was held (50 words or less)
What is the signature experience that you are offering to visitors at your event?
Please outline your proposed timelines, including commencement and completion dates of your event
Please identify the expected outcomes of your event, including potential benefits for the Noosa region (100 words or less)
What is the expected total attendance at your event? Note unique persons that will attend from overseas and interstate
Please list your top 5 marketing goals and actions
Please note your event website address and Facebook, Instagram & Youtube or other account names

Support Requested

Supporting Documentation

Please provide a business plan including the following key elements: Executive summary, Opportunity – why you are running the event, Target market analysis, Execution method, Company/management structure, Finance plan (P&L)
Please provide a detailed balanced budget showing revenue, expenditure and surplus items. Please include the total gross revenue and expenditure of the event ($), the total amount requested and a short description of requested funding use(s) Please note, this must be a current budget for the event you are requesting funds for, not a previous event budget.

Certification by application Group/Organisation

By signing below, I certify that I am authorised to complete this application and certify that the information given in this application is current and that, if funding is approved, the accountability requirements and conditions of funding as outlined by Tourism Noosa will be complied with.

This must be signed by the person (eg. nominated group/organisation representative) taking responsibility on behalf of the applicant organisation.

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